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Competency Development

Elemental Talent offers an integrated approach to assessing the current and potential competencies of employees and candidates.  Proven, validated and reliable assessment instruments and exercises are applied to simulate the actual work environment.  Assessment centres provide holistic answers to competency related questions.  Assessment centres are one of the best currently available methods for predicting how well people will perform at work, and also offers a highly reliable means of selecting individuals at all levels within an organization.  They are also used for staff development purposes. A competency library is used to help determine which simulation exercises would be most suitable for the position.

Job Profiling

Enables you to quickly and effectively identify job success behaviours for any role at any level in your organization. This provides you with a standard against which to measure candidates’ job fit, and an ideal for developing current employees or those transitioning into the role.

Talent Acquisition


  • 90% of recruitment decisions are based on skills, experience and qualification

  • 90% of employees leave for behavioural reasons

Attraction and retention of effective high performing talent is critical to successful recruitment.

Most recruitment processes do not consider behaviour, learning potential and emotional intelligence fits (amongst others) that are the major causes of high staff turnover.  The cost of losing a key employee within one year is 5 – 10 times the cost to company.


On Boarding and Training


Finding the right person for the right job is difficult enough.  Using our process for recruitment provides a head start to integrating a new employee quickly and effectively.  This process plays a critical role in successful recruitment and the effective on boarding of new employees into the organization.  The purpose of the assessment process is:


Employee Development


To ensure effective human capital performance, integrating long term strategic plans and people development is a critical success factor.  Development Workshops focus on effective communication, modifying to manage, leadership, team development and emotions in action.


Performance Management

(management and executive coaching)

When it comes to employees and their effectiveness in organizations, performance can be thought of as Actual Results vs Desired Results.  Any shortfall, where Actual is less than Desired, constitutes the performance improvement zone.  Identifying this gap might be easy, but what do you do then?

Our solutions utilize objective data about the employees to provide you with an opportunity to focus your performance management strategies directly at the behaviours and motivators of the employee, thereby ensuring the permanence of the change and impact of development activities.


Succession Management

(Succession planning)

Succession management is only as effective as each of the preceding steps, recruitment, on boarding, development and performance management.  Identifying an employee’s development requirements and implementing a development plan is critical to appropriate succession management.

Elemental Talent helps to evaluate if you have the right people in the right positions within your organization and identify high potentials for future promotion. Our process will help you develop and retain top talent and identify possible development needs of future leaders.

Succession management is the long term return on employee investment.


Talent Management


This is a core strategic success factor in all organizations.  It is the overall integrated implementation of each of the successful processes starting from recruitment.  Elemental Talent's proven processes play vital roles to develop successful talent management strategies in organizations.



Knowing how to identify your high caliber promotion potentials is the first step.  This is where Elemental Talent adds value from the recruitment stage.  Knowing who to promote and why will follow logically from using our assessment processes.


Team Working Skills


Managing teams effectively is vital to every organizations success.  Elemental Talent gets to the root of team problems quickly by identifying team profiles and cultures and comparing them with actual team dynamics.  The resulting gap analysis creates the platform for team development plans.  Leaders are able to  assess what is needed in their team for the upcoming year and is then able to compare it to the current team to identify team strengths, potential gaps and performance issues.

The Team Analysis can be used when:

  • An organization or team is not performing as well as it should be

  • If team membership changes, or

  • If company strategy calls for organizational change, or

  • To identify roles for project teams to ensure effectiveness of all team members

  • A team needs to be developed to align with a common goal


Team workshops can be customized to suit your specific requirements.


Leadership Development

A key to successful leadership is in understanding the organizations strategic direction and being able to implement it by inspiring employees to follow and give of their very best.

Elemental Talent advises organizations large and small on improving leadership skills through individual or workshop training sessions.

Understanding what makes people respond positively and what demotivates them.  We help new and existing managers fast track their understanding and build better relationships with their direct reports to help them perform to their potential.


Conflict Resolution

(grievance management)

Workplace conflict due to people’s differences in skill or educational levels rarely occurs.  Mostly conflict results from differences in personality.  The complicated nature of personality makes the management of conflict a particularly complex issue.

Understanding behaviour and personality differences is the first step to successful conflict resolution.  Elemental Talent's holistic approach enables an understanding of interpersonal conflict and provides insights to finding win-win solutions.

Our solutions can be applied across all levels of the organization, from interpersonal conflict situations to conflict between employees and their managers.  It can also be applied to team situations and leadership team conflicts.


Change Management


By using our assessments organizations are able to determine the most effective utilization of employees and ensuring that key employees are not lost due to lack of effective communication. How to communicate with employees is critical and the behavioural assessment assists managers on communicating effectively with their teams.


Workforce Planning


Through the use of our processes, organizations will have a better understanding of their organizations employment requirements and will be able to plan more effectively.

Employee engagement surveys can be used to further assist organizations to ensure they are taking employees ideas and suggestions into consideration, to ensure more effective and engaged employees.




The termination of an employee’s contract, whether voluntary or involuntary, is never easy.  Apart from the inevitable financial implications it also has an impact in terms of maintenance of performance and the adjustment the rest of the team needs to make.

Many organizations sensibly take a different stance when it comes to redundancies and voluntary terminations and implement the “Don’t burn your bridges” philosophy.  This approach is one of career support and assists departing employees in many ways to ensure that they find appropriate employment as quickly as possible.


Career Guidance


We work with high school and college graduates unsure about their career options or which courses are the most suitable for them.  Through the use of assessments we are able to identify inherent strengths and preferred behaviours, and learning potential.  By understanding who you are and what you want from both work and life will give you some ideas of your career options.

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