About Us

My name is Claudina Whisken, and I am the owner of

Elemental Talent Assessment Centre.


I specialize in psychometric assessments and expertise to provide objective data for informed decision-making in a variety of talent management processes.  We make use of a range of scientifically validated psychometric tools to assist individuals and organizations with cognitive, behavioural, emotional intelligence, 360-degree feedbacks, resilience, leadership assessments, virtual competency simulations and personality assessments. 


People are the most important asset for an organization, and they should be appreciated for their talents and skills.  I use assessments to help organizations tap into their employees' natural strengths and identify their areas for development that can be of benefit to the organization and to the employee.

Talent Management affects organizations of all sizes.   Many of the issues are the same/common issues throughout.  Size of organizations adds a different element of complexity.  Small organizations can benefit from the use of tools.  If 20% of your workforce is not engaged that has a huge impact on productivity.

Assessments are used in all our Talent Management applications.  Data used is real and relevant to an organization.  We only use assessments which are scientifically proven to be valid and reliable.  Through the use of assessments we are able to shorten the time it takes to provide solutions for clients.  We help clients with all aspects of their people strategies from recruitment, retention, development and leadership.  We reduce the guess work, by getting behind the mask of people and help with all your people related challenges.

We have successfully worked with clients in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA to provide guidance and support in Talent Acquisition & Organization Development with the main focus on strategy, organizational change and business transformation.


Helping companies derive maximum value from their people through innovative business-oriented approaches to the human capital elements including workforce planning support, talent acquisition, retention, performance and talent management, change management, leadership and team development, succession planning, organization effectiveness, employee engagement.


We are certified assessment analysts and trained in DISC, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, 360's, personality, values, skills tests as well as competency-based assessments.

 Elemental relates to the essential constituent of something and is also classified as the building blocks of nature. 
We use assessments to help with the building blocks to create self-awareness, develop your talent, and help leaders to manage more effectively by understanding their teams.

Our logo is a tree that symbolizes constant growth, transformation, uniqueness and strength.  The tree grows up and outwards just as we grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences during our life.
What we see above ground is equally as important as the roots that we don’t see. 

The same applies to people, there is so much that we don’t see, but they all have something valuable to contribute if we can place them in an environment that encourages them to
grow and thrive.
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