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About Us

Talent Management affects organizations of all sizes.   Many of the issues are the same/common issues throughout.  Size of organizations adds a different element of complexity.  Small organizations can benefit from the use of tools.  If 20% of your workforce is not engaged that has a huge impact on productivity.

Assessments are used in all our Talent Management applications.  Data used is real and relevant to an organization.  We use the Thomas International suite of assessments which are scientifically proven to be valid and reliable.  Through the use of assessments we are able to shorten the time it takes to provide solutions for clients.  We help clients with all aspects of their people strategies from recruitment, retention, development and leadership.  We reduce the guess work, by getting behind the mask of people and help with all your people related challenges.

We have successfully worked with clients in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA to provide guidance and support in Talent Acquisition & Organization Development with a main focus on strategy, organizational change and business transformation. Helping companies derive maximum value from their people through innovative business-oriented approaches to the human capital elements including workforce planning support, talent acquisition, retention, performance and talent management, change management, leadership and team development, succession planning, organization effectiveness, employee engagement. We are certified assessment analysts and trained in DISC, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, 360's, personality, values, skills tests as well as competency based assessments.


Meet the Team

Claudina Whisken
Director, Talent Management 

Claudina is a business owner, manager, sales manager and consultant with significant experience in implementing talent management projects across all industry sectors.  She currently co-owns Elemental Talent & Assessment Centre, specializing in work-based assessments, talent management consulting, developing and facilitating workshops.

Claudina has over 18 years of experience in talent management consulting, administering and applying psychometric assessments to support various talent management and organization development strategies.  She was the Sales Manager for Thomas International Africa, Asia and Pacific Rim Region and Assessment Centre Technologies in Johannesburg, South Africa before immigrating to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2010 and starting the Maritime division of Thomas International. Claudina has extensive local and international experience helping companies and organizations across sectors with various talent-related applications including recruitment, retention and development strategies, succession planning, training, team builds, management and leadership development projects. 

Claudina consults to organizations around the implementation and effective use of work-based assessment tools in their organizations.  She has designed and facilitated workshops to address leadership, sales and human-resource-related issues across public and private sector businesses.    Claudina works with organizations on many of their HR strategies with a focus on recruitment, retention, leadership, development and teams.

Jarrell Whisken
Director, Operations & Special Projects

Jarrell is the Director of Special Projects and Operations at Elemental Talent Assessment Centre, specializing in assessments, talent management consulting and workshops. 

Jarrell has a background in project management and informatics. He has extensive experience in developmental informatics, spatial analysis, process design and business analytics. He has managed a number of national, multi-agency, multi-disciplinary projects including the OECD based Territorial Review for the South African Presidency.


He worked for a number of years as an application and contract research specialist for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. He is equally at home facilitating and documenting regions five-year strategic plan, modelling development scenarios or undertaking industry-specific value chain analysis as he is auditing bank systems compliance to new legislation or drafting public policy. He has wide-ranging experience assisting public and private sector organizations to address policy, planning and other information related issues. 

Jarrell is certified to deliver and interpret DISC based behavioural assessments, team analysis and Emotional Intelligence assessments. He holds an AMBA-accredited MBA from DeMontfort University (Leister, UK); MA (Geography and Geographic Information Systems), BA. Hons and BA from Rhodes University, South Africa as well as a PMI recognized Project Management Diploma from Damelin.



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