What is PDA International?


PDA is a behavioural assessment that through a simple, precise and scientific methodology allows us to discover and analyze people's behavioural profiles. 

It also allows us to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a job, thereby ensuring you select and develop the right people into the right positions.

Who uses the PDA?


Organizations:  to identify, develop and/or retain talent.  This tool is utilized by many of the leading companies ranked on Great Places to Work.

HR Consulting Companies:  interested in incorporating a new product into your portfolio, add value to your services, and generate consulting projects based on the psychometric behavioural assessment.

Individuals:  in order to understand their strengths and developmental areas to improve job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

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Recruitment@Play provides you with your own game-based, virtual recruitment platform, enabling a virtual recruiter to conduct all screening interviews via video interview technology. Reach significantly more candidates and reduce time to hire while ensuring each candidate experience is a great one!

We assist clients to turn ideals and goals into outcomes by providing full Talent Life Cycle Services that optimize and accelerate performance, including strategy, architecture, implementation, integration and ongoing innovation.  Our solutions are founded on the latest technologies, research and industry insights for technology-enabled business solutions that deliver improved capability, effectiveness and business alignment.

We design and execute critical programs from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and performance improvement programs, and offer local know-how with global consistency, serving clients in several countries.

Your leaders are under enormous pressure to be more agile and innovative, create richer employee and customer experiences, and deliver higher performance and results.  Yet, you have fewer funds to invest in skills and optimizing on Talent Life Cycle efficiency.

Our services can help you overcome these challenges, by ensuring your Talent Management processes:

  • Remains agile enough to respond to your business needs for capability maximization and process optimization.

  • Access the skills and expertise needed to support new, business enabling Talent Management strategies.

  • Increase the capability of your Talent and Leadership.

  • Decrease time spent by your staff on routine jobs and manual tasks through automation tools.

  • Improve your ability to plan and evolve your Talent Management processes to better meet business needs through leveraging world-class management tools and best practice methodologies.

VitaTalent assists organizations in taking their talent and business to new levels of performance delivering results on scale at speed.

We achieve this through scaling insight-driven strategies across the Talent Life Cycle that drives alignment to the strategic vision and ensures ideal state optimization can be obtained.


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