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What is PDA International?


PDA is a behavioural assessment that through a simple, precise and scientific methodology allows us to discover and analyze people's behavioural profiles. 

It also allows us to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a job, thereby ensuring you select and develop the right people into the right positions.

Who uses the PDA?


Organizations:  to identify, develop and/or retain talent.  This tool is utilized by many of the leading companies ranked on Great Places to Work.

HR Consulting Companies:  interested in incorporating a new product into your portfolio, add value to your services, and generate consulting projects based on the psychometric behavioural assessment.

Individuals:  in order to understand their strengths and developmental areas to improve job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

PDA International
At Play

On-demand video interviews

The rise of video technology has made connecting potential employees with employers easier than ever.

We are proud to offer our very own globally utilized, on-demand video interview solution.

Our platform allows you to discover the real person behind the resume in order to make a more calculated, accurate and fair decision when it comes to candidate screening.

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Deliver a consistent immersive experience.

Our solution focuses on reducing the need for face-to-face screening interviews, whilst allowing you to gain more dynamic insight into potential candidates at the outset of the recruitment process.

The process is completely automated and therefore we can guarantee a very consistent interview experience for all first screening interviews with candidates, as there is no risk of resources altering the competency interview process.

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Mindmill is the new way of attracting, recruiting, selecting new talent and managing performance. Whether local, national or international our technology platforms Employ-e and Inpsych-e take revolutionary steps towards a more effective, digital, Human Resources process. 

We align, refine and save time across your HR processes and continuously invest our energy on achieving a measurable return on investment.



At MindMill we have re-imagined what recruitment should look like for 21st century: Automation and data analytics are very much at the centre of employ-e.

We offer organizations a simple yet powerful technology platform that blends attraction, screening & selection, assessment and data visuals. Company or candidate can manage their recruitment journey digitally – reducing cumbersome administration, increasing communication and ensuring a non-bias selection process.


Employ-e can be integrated with all job boards, social media and client websites, allowing client companies to design and build strong predictive attraction strategies and deploy them quickly and easily.

Competency based Screening & Selection

Employ-e offers a Job Builder, psychometric & scenario-based assessment and appraisal modules. The core competencies of each role are built quickly, mapped directly to candidate assessment, and embedded into the recruitment process – offering a tailored predictive screening process.

Data Visualization & Analytics

Full data visualization through Employ-e designed dashboards – allowing an intelligent, easy to review access to all recruitment & selection data.

Measuring Diversity

Employ-e allows organizations to remove bias through automated screening tools, meaning you are hiring based on skills, knowledge and company fit from the outset.

Future Talent Pool

Employ-e allows organisations to build a pool of future hires, meaning you will be able to match new opportunities with your current talent before even going to market.


Mindmill are pioneers in computer based psychometric profiling and screening

Founded on validated theory and easy to use assessment delivery – available 24/7 from any device or tablet.

Organizational Development

Mindmill offer a series of HR interventions that assess and develop individuals to optimise an organisations performance potential. These interventions include:  A fully bespoke, no compromise and company specific approach to 360 appraisals. As well as an effective, anonymous Employee Engagement Survey that questions all aspects of an employee’s job. Mindmill then produces easy to read reports highlighting themes and trends that allow organisations to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Personality Assessments

Mindmill Self Inventory (SI) personality measure draws upon the most up to date theoretical thinking on measuring personality. The Mindmill Self-Inventory has been developed from the Big Five theory, the most modern and well validated personality theory. Professor Sidney Irvine, the creator of Mindmill assessments worked closely with Professor Raymond Christal, who along with Ernest Tupes developed the original Big Five theory of personality. Prof Irvine continued to develop the Big Five based on recommendations - the inclusion of an extra domain of assertiveness, plus instant measures of social desirability and guarded response.

Cognitive Assessments

Mindmill cognitive assessments measure natural ability as opposed to academic ability. Our assessments do not dis-advantage any individual – they simply measure the raw potential of an individual (Trainability). Mindmill measure trainability with our scale - Capacity to Process Information (CPI), this measurement is a fundamental building block in the rate of learning new skills on the job or success in initial training. This can determine how quickly someone will learn on a new tasks or how much help/guidance they will need in relation to learning new skills on a job.

Body Clock and Individual Adaptation Styles (bands)

This assessment measures an individual’s natural biorhythms or body clock. BANDS is useful in identifying the time of day an individual is likely to perform best, whether they need routine in their job role or if they can be flexible. It also assesses whether an individual is building up sleep debt on a regular occurrence. BANDS is unique yet a very important measure in today’s fast paced or shift based work life.

Jobs and Occupational Inventory (JOIN)

This assessment measures interests and motivation in terms of careers. It presents a wide range of related work activities in the shortest possible framework. Once choices are made, and are assessed for strength of interest, a more-fine-grained appraisal is possible. At the end, there is an option to view descriptions of the two most highly favoured jobs.


Norms can be identified as the established values, beliefs and behaviours of a particular group of individuals. In psychometric assessments, norms can be used to identify an individual’s behaviour relative to a particular group of people - a norm group. The norm group can range from a general sample such as the UK population to a more specific sample, such as a female graduate sales person.


Being Agile is a mindset and it requires organizations to apply an infinite mindset around:

  • The strategic opportunities available

  • Customer-centric design thinking in terms of offering usable, feasible and valuable products, services, and solutions

  • Prioritizing what initiatives to invest in

  • Optimizing delivery through robust portfolio management

  • Utilizing a strategic and curated mix of people and technology

  • Ensuring the people capability and capacity to meet the demands of the business.


We ensure that a robust and integrated capability is driven across the value chain for maximum IMPACT™. We developed the IMPACT™ Model to drive this integration.

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