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An investment in your employees is an investment in your organization

We believe that employees are the cornerstone of every organization.  Without motivated and dedicated employees, no organization would thrive and grow.  The most successful organizations believe that investing in their employees is an investment in the organization. 

Our workshops are all customized to suit our client's needs as each organization has its unique culture and experience. We use a standard framework for all our workshops and build on them to make them applicable to your environment.  We find this has a more significant measure of success as delegates can envision the learning more practically and increase their learning experience.

​We use assessments in all our workshops and often build on the next workshop from a previous session.  If delegates have completed an assessment previously (within a reasonable period), we will use those results in the next workshop.

Our workshops are practical and apply challenges experienced in the typical working day.  Workshops vary from 2-hour, half-day, to full-day sessions. Some workshops can be combined for a longer session, and others are stand-alone. On specific topics, we collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure you get the most up-to-date information.


We work with a variety of organizations in varied industry sectors

- health authorities

- municipalities/counties

- construction

- family-owned businesses

- universities/higher education

- not for profit

- small and medium-sized organizations




Our training methodology is about principle-based inside-out leadership (knowing self-first, being self-aware and authentic).

We work with leaders who want to understand the needs of every team member.

As a leader, they have …

Many people depend on them for different needs;

Direct reports they identify with and others that are more of a challenge;

Pressure to deliver results.


Would you like to have …

Clients raving about your team and their work.

Happier, more dedicated employees who get along.

Teams that not only perform but work together to make it happen.


Why do you need this?

Because leaders and their teams who understand how to better communicate with each other are:

  • Happier,

  • More productive and efficient,

  • More engaged,

  • Achiever better results,

  • Have less conflict,

  • Provide better experiences for their client


What will this do for you as a leader?

You will learn proven concepts and models that will help you effectively communicate:

  • Managing change,

  • Building trust for greater accountability,

  • Influencing decision-making,

  • Setting and creating high expectations.


How will you do this?

We have designed a series of virtual workshops that provide proven concepts that are:

  • Easy to consume/digest,

  • Practical,

  • Memorable,

  • Instantly applicable and actionable,

  • Interactive.


We empower your potential, new and existing leaders to:

  • Think on their feet

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Build them up for success

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"Excellent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced, professional" - Entrepreneur

“Wonderful session!  Claudina was very engaging and held my attention for the duration of the day" leader from municipality


"Claudina was effective in rolling with the audience, modifying the agenda and meeting audience needs." leader from a construction company 

“Thank you Claudina, I learnt so much about my self and my team" delegate from a health group

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