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Mindmill (HR) Software

Mindmill design, develop, build & host HR technology solutions to optimize the employee lifecycle such as Talent Attraction, Recruitment and Employee / Executive Development. By adapting our technology platform, integrating / customizing HR workflows and aligning HR data across an organization - we uncover actionable business intelligence. Our goal is to help organizations become more efficient, productive, digitized and automated, whilst providing return on investment through cost savings, strategic alignment of business and HR operations. Mindmill works with clients to identify specific areas of concern and create outcomes that improve productivity. 

We will help develop HR and Technology process which meet those exact needs.

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PDA Behavioural Assessment

PDA (Personal Development Analysis) is a behavioural assessment that through a simple, precise and scientific methodology allows us to discover and analyze peoples’ behavioural profiles.

It also allows us to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a job thereby ensuring you select and develop the right people into the right positions.

The PDA Assessment does not qualify behavioural profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioural characteristics.

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AtPlay Virtual Recruitment 

 AtPlay provides an innovative virtual solution which simulates the first line screening process in order to exponentially increase the candidate pipeline and simultaneously decrease turnaround times for placement.
It allows you to gain more insight into candidates in far less time than a traditional screening interview.

Future Leaders

‘Future Leaders’ refers to a next generation of leaders who will be leading in a different way ... not based on positional leadership, but serving a greater purpose/cause through and beyond their education and career goals.


“Future Leaders” also refers to ‘future-oriented’ leadership in organizations. In business, it is those organizations who made or want to make the shift from transactional to transformational leadership.



Talent is any organization's most important asset. A good talent management strategy produces more engaged employees, improved performance, and has a big impact on the bottom line.

Our solutions will help you to implement a strategy that meets your goals.With the constantly increasing pace of change in the business world, and the competition to recruit and retain the best talent high, having a strong talent management strategy should be firmly at the top of your organization’s agenda.

Recruiting and retaining the best people in the right place at the right time has never been more challenging.


ˌeləˈmen(t)l/ adj. Primary or basic. Going back to the beginning.


Elemental Talent Assessment Centre is a professional Talent Management Consulting firm and the exclusive partner for PDA International in Canada. 

We distribute and consult using a range of scientifically validated psychometric tools to assist organizations with objective data for informed decision-making in their talent management initiatives.

Elemental Talent Assessment Centre provides:

•    Assessments: we sell, support and use a variety of validated psychometric tools from various providers.  We are the exclusive partner for PDA International, MindMill, Future Leaders and Recruitment@Play (our latest virtual recruitment platform) in Canada.

•    Consulting:  we use assessments to assist clients in critical processes such as recruitment, change management, succession planning, team development, leadership development and many more talent-related objectives.

•    Workshops: we facilitate workshops that use psychometric tools to provide insights into individual behaviours within a team as a basis to address communication, leadership, team, sales and other human-resource-related development goals. 

•    Recruitment@Play provides you with your own game-based, virtual recruitment platform, enabling a virtual recruiter to conduct all screening interviews via video interview technology. Reach significantly more candidates and reduce time to hire while ensuring each candidate experience is a great one!


We work with both individuals and organizations.

The Centre has successfully worked with clients across industry sectors in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA to provide guidance and support in Talent Acquisition & Organization Development with the main focus on strategy, organizational change and business transformation. Clients include amongst others:  Nova Scotia Health Authority, Horizon Health, Nova Scotia Government, Municipalities such as Cumberland and Lunenburg Counties, City of Moncton.  Educational: Dalhousie The Oprah Winfrey Academy for Girls and private organizations such as Accenture, Roche, JP Morgan, McDonald's, Nestle and Pepsico.


Elemental Talent Assessment Centre is the trading name of  Elemental Concepts Ltd.  The company was established in February 2010.  Elemental Concepts Ltd is a majority shareholder woman-owned business owned by Claudina Whisken who brings over twenty years of psychometric consulting experience to the table.  Claudina has worked across sectors on four continents delivering psychometric-based solutions to clients.  The Centre uses a network of business professionals and coaches to deliver solutions to clients. 

Assessments are effective tools for managing people, hiring the right person for the right job,

We partner with organizations to assist them in identifying, developing and deploying their talent.

Without motivated and dedicated employees no organization would thrive and grow. 



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