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Leadership Development Programs

Designed for Emerging and New Leaders

Our Professional Development Training Program is designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in their development journey.
Our program comprises a series of behaviour-based workshops that build on each other, providing a holistic and progressive learning experience.

Inside-Out Leadership Principles are focused on
4 foundational areas to develop Psychological Safety


Embark on a revolutionary leadership journey using the Inside-Out Leadership Development Principles, enriched by the power of a DISC-based behavioural assessment.

Our ELEVATE 360 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is crafted to empower emerging leaders, equipping them to lead with excellence and instigate positive change within their organizations.


With a focus on self-awareness, competencies, change management, and relationship-building, participants will navigate leadership complexities and leave a lasting impact on their teams and the broader organization.


This program, committed to continual improvement and lifelong learning, ensures leaders are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the future, enabling them to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Empower new and emerging leaders with vital skills, self-awareness, and transformative insights. Delve into leadership challenges, values, and self-discipline. Embark on a journey of continuous professional growth through self-awareness and reflection.



For new and emerging leaders dedicated to refining soft skills and amplifying their leadership influence, this program is your tailored guide.

Explore the core of behaviour, fostering effective communication, adept navigation of interpersonal dynamics, and adaptable leadership approaches.

Embrace the journey that places self-awareness at its heart—identifying strengths, areas for growth, and cultivating empathy.


Join us for a program that empowers you with essential soft skills for impactful and empathetic leadership.


  • Key Points:

    • Behavioural-Focused Professional Development

    • Modular Learning for Customized Growth

    • Experiential Learning for Lasting Impact

    • Holistic leadership development for new and aspiring leaders.

    • Comprehensive growth across various leadership dimensions.

    • Strategies for achieving leadership excellence.

    • Enhance soft-skills crucial for effective leadership.

Inside-out Leadership Principles



Part 1: Mastering Yourself - Understanding You and Others

In these modules, we explore the foundations of your leadership journey. Dive into understanding yourself and others better, discover effective ways to communicate as a leader, and smoothly transition into your leadership role.

The 3 workshops included in this section:


  1. Understanding Self and Others: Participants delve into behavioural dynamics, fostering effective communication and collaboration by understanding themselves and others in the professional context. They gain insights into their behavioural preferences and learn how to adapt their communication styles for better team interactions.

  2. Effective Communication Strategies for Leadership: This module focuses on developing communication skills essential for effective leadership. Participants learn how to communicate with clarity, empathy, and influence, leveraging their behavioural insights to tailor their messages to different audiences.

  3. Capitalizing on your Competencies: Building on their self-awareness, participants identify and leverage their individual and team competencies for optimal performance. They explore strategies for aligning strengths with organizational goals, maximizing their impact as leaders.

Part 2: Connecting with Others – Mastering Interpersonal Skills

These modules are all about how leaders engage and connect with their teams. Develop emotional intelligence, hone adaptive leadership behaviours, and learn effective strategies for leading through change.

The 3 workshops included in this section:


  1. Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Leadership Behaviour: Participants explore the principles of emotional intelligence and adaptive leadership behaviour. They learn how to manage their emotions effectively, build rapport with their team members, and adapt their leadership style to different situations.

  2. Strategic Leadership Effectiveness: This module focuses on developing strategic leadership skills essential for driving organizational success. Participants learn how to align their actions with strategic objectives, anticipate and respond to market changes, and foster innovation within their teams.

  3. Adaptive Leadership: Navigating Change with Confidence: Building on their emotional intelligence, participants develop strategies for leading through change with confidence. They learn how to assess change readiness, communicate change effectively, and support their teams through transition periods.

Part 3: Guiding Change- Skills for Success

These modules focus on the practical skills leaders need. Boost your problem-solving abilities, enhance decision-making skills, and establish trust within your team. Learn how to set clear expectations, hold yourself and your team accountable, and navigate decision-making with confidence.

The 3 workshops included in this section:


  1. Mastering Expectations and Mitigating Miscommunication: In this module, participants learn how to set clear expectations and mitigate miscommunication within their teams. They explore strategies for aligning goals, managing expectations effectively, and minimizing misunderstandings, leveraging their behavioural insights to foster clarity and accountability.

  2. Leadership that Delivers: Accountability in Practice: Building on their understanding of expectations, participants delve into the principles of accountability and responsibility. They develop strategies for holding themselves and their team members accountable, fostering a culture of ownership and commitment to results.

  3. Leading with Clarity: Navigating the Decision-Making Journey: In this final module, participants focus on decision-making and leadership clarity. They learn how to make informed decisions, prioritize effectively, and communicate decisions clearly to their team members. By leveraging their behavioural insights, they enhance their ability to lead with confidence and decisiveness.

Part 4: Growing Together - Leadership Coaching Strategies

Dedicated to enhancing your ability to support your team's growth, these dynamic modules cover coaching excellence, managing difficult conversations, building resilience, and integrating the leadership journey.

Learn how to guide your team toward success and foster a flexible mindset.

The 3 workshops included in this section:


  1. Coaching Excellence and Difficult Conversations: Participants explore coaching techniques and strategies for navigating difficult conversations with team members. They learn how to provide support and guidance, address performance issues constructively, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within their teams.

  2. Resilience and Why it Matters: Flexibility Mindset: Building resilience is crucial for effective leadership. In this module, participants learn how to cultivate a flexibility mindset, embrace change, and adapt to challenges with resilience. They develop strategies for managing stress, maintaining focus, and leading their teams through adversity.

  3. Leadership Mastery Unleashed: Integrating the Journey: In this final module, participants reflect on their leadership journey and integrate their learning into their leadership practice. They identify key takeaways, set goals for ongoing growth and development, and commit to applying their insights to lead with excellence and impact.

Program Structure

Program Breakdown
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