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Leadership Development Program

Designed for Experienced Leaders

Our Professional Development Training Program is designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in their development journey.
Our program comprises a series of behaviour-based workshops that build on each other, providing a holistic and progressive learning experience.

Inside-Out Leadership Principles are focused on
4 foundational areas to develop Psychological Safety


Embark on a revolutionary leadership journey using the Inside-Out Leadership Development Principles, enriched by the power of a DISC-based behavioural assessment.

Our IMPACT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is crafted to empower leaders, equipping them to lead with excellence and drive positive change within their organizations.


The IMPACT Leadership Development Program is a series comprising 6 workshops with behaviour as its foundational principle.


Each workshop challenges experienced leaders and enhances their capability to manage transformation, culture, resilience, and change.

Whether delivered online or in-person, each 3-hour workshop is carefully curated to provide immersive learning experiences that inspire growth and development.


Workshops are scheduled bi-weekly to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of your team. Participants will have access to digital workbooks and support materials, ensuring continuous learning and reinforcement beyond the sessions. Our program is fully customizable, allowing us to adapt activities and scenarios to your team's specific goals and challenges.

Our approach is centred around the Inside-Out Leadership Development Principles, enhanced by the power of the Personal Development Assessment based on DISC behavioural theory. This program is crafted to empower experienced leaders to unlock their full potential, cultivate self-awareness, and drive positive change at every level.

By incorporating behaviour, we create a shared language for leaders, fostering a deeper understanding of individual and team dynamics. It's not just about leading; it's about mastering soft skills, speed-reading your direct reports, and cultivating leadership from the inside out.



For leaders dedicated to refining soft skills and amplifying their leadership influence, this program is your tailored guide.

Explore the core of behaviour, fostering effective communication, adept navigation of interpersonal dynamics, and adaptable leadership approaches.

Embrace the journey that places self-awareness at its heart—identifying strengths, areas for growth, and cultivating empathy.


Join us for a program that empowers you with essential soft skills for impactful and empathetic leadership.


  • Key Points:

    • •    Behavioural-focused professional development utilizing the PDA assessment.
      •    Modular learning for customized growth.
      •    Experiential learning for lasting impact
      •    Holistic leadership development for new, experienced, and aspiring leaders.
      •    Comprehensive growth across various leadership dimensions.
      •    Strategies for achieving leadership excellence.
      •    Enhance soft skills crucial for effective leadership.
      •    Delivered online or in-person as 6 x 3-hour sessions.

Inside-out Leadership Principles



The IMPACT Leadership Development Program is structured into six modules, each focusing on key aspects of leadership development:

1.    Transformational Leadership in Action

This module delves into the core principles of transformational leadership, focusing on inspiring and motivating teams during times of significant change. Participants will explore the characteristics and practices of successful transformational leaders and learn techniques to foster an environment that encourages innovation and positive transformation. Through case studies, interactive activities, and group discussions, leaders will gain practical insights and strategies to enhance their leadership effectiveness during transformative periods.

2.    Building a Resilient Organizational Culture

Resilience is key to navigating and thriving in today’s dynamic business environment. This module helps leaders understand the essential components of a resilient organizational culture and the role they play in cultivating it. Participants will learn strategies to build and sustain resilience within their teams, encouraging adaptability and perseverance. The module includes scenario-based exercises and group discussions to provide hands-on experience in developing resilience and fostering a supportive and robust organizational culture.

3.    Leading Change with Agility

In an era of constant change, agility in leadership is crucial. This module equips leaders with the skills to lead change initiatives. Participants will explore various change management theories and models and learn practical techniques to manage and lead change with agility. The module covers strategies for overcoming resistance to change, fostering acceptance, and maintaining momentum. Interactive simulations and role-playing exercises will help leaders practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment.

4.    Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for the success of any organization. This module aims to enhance leaders' communication strategies and foster a culture of collaboration and trust within and across departments. Participants will learn advanced communication techniques, including active listening, clear messaging, and constructive feedback. Trust-building exercises and role-playing scenarios will provide practical experience in developing and maintaining strong collaborative relationships, ensuring that teams work together more effectively.

5.    Strategic Decision-Making and Problem Solving


Strategic decision-making and problem-solving are essential skills for leaders. This module provides frameworks and tools to improve these critical abilities. Participants will explore various decision-making models and problem-solving techniques, learning how to apply them in real-world scenarios. Through case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises, leaders will enhance their strategic thinking, making more informed and effective decisions that drive organizational success.

6.    Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development

Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools for developing future leaders. This module focuses on equipping experienced leaders with the skills to coach and mentor their teams. Participants will learn techniques for providing constructive feedback, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and supporting the personal and professional growth of their team members. Practical coaching sessions and role-playing exercises will provide hands-on experience, helping leaders to develop a strong coaching and mentoring approach that nurtures and develops future leadership talent.

*Topics can be customized to suit the client's requirements and specific challenges.

Program Structure

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